Frindle Facts - Jamble Scramble Level 3

3-page middle school literature jamble scramble by Steve Denny


Jamble Scramble is a fun and educational word scramble activity. Each Jamble activity reinforces one specific concept using words and phrases to form letters as clues for final solution. The final solution is either a word or a phrase. Each word or phrase has a clue and vowels are marked to help students as they unscramble. Key letters are marked in the words or phrases and are placed in a letter bank to solve the mystery clue or question. The mystery question is either a word or phrase that relates directly to the concept within the activity. These activities can be used as enrichment for an individual student or groups of students. It also works well in large groups. For example, divide students into groups. Hand each group a Jamble Scramble. All groups begin at the same time. The winning group solves all four words and phrases plus answers the mystery question first. All Jamble Scramble activities are available in four difficulty levels.
Level 1: (Jamble Scramble) Words and phrases with a clue, vowels marked, and separation between words and phrases.
Level 2: (Advanced Jamble) Exactly the same as level 1 with one exception, vowels are not marked, thus increasing the difficulty.
Level 3: (Super Jamble) No vowels are marked and no separation between words and phrases.
Level 4: (Extreme Jamble) No vowels are marked, no separation between words and phrases, and no clues are given, just the concepts category. For a complete listing of all Jamble topics, go to keyword: Jamble.

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