Huckleberry Finn - Educational Games Package

38-page secondary school literature game set by Dave OConnor


This product is the Educational games Package based on Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It includes all Jamble Scrambles and Scavenger Hunts available and a Huckleberry Finn money product to use as an incentive for the students. Jamble Scramble is a fun and educational word scramble activity. Each Jamble activity deals with a group of words, concepts or characters. The solution is a mystery word or name. Each word has a clue provided with vowels marked to help students as they unscramble. Key letters are marked and are placed in a letter bank to solve the mystery word. With Scavenger Hunts students in your classroom can become "fact" detectives as they dig deep to find answers within the book to very specific questions. This activity enhances the spirit of the book and reinforces concepts of critical reading and team dynamics. Students have to work together to find answers and accomplish a specific task. Go to keywords: Huckleberry Finn or Mark Twain and view the numerous other exciting activities available.

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