If I Saw a Monster

16-page elementary school literature activity packet by Steve Denny


IF I SAW A MONSTER… is the second book in the Millie series. It is a children's picture book where the students become the illustrators. Children learn how to conquer and understand their fears as they encounter various imaginary monsters through the eyes of an imaginative little girl. Rhyming and repetition encourage the children to follow along and stay involved.
IF I SAW A MONSTER… Role Playing Activities
These activities are included with If I Saw a Monster. Activities and re-enactments involve various animals presented within the book. Imaginative play encourages the children to learn about the animals.
IF I SAW A MONSTER… Projects List
Inside this activity packet, you will find projects that follow along with the If I SAW A MONSTER book. Activities include Creative Thinking, Arts and Writing, Literary Concepts, and Math Concepts. Among the activities children are encouraged to do are sculpting, discussing issues, and identifying their fears. This promotes children to think outside the box.

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