The Epic of Gilgamesh - Complete Teaching Unit

64-page secondary school literature complete teaching unit by Jenny Benjamin


This in-depth teaching unit for The Epic of Gilgamesh translated by N.K. Sandars includes the following:

  • Suggested projects for cross-competency student projects, including writing (Poetry), drama (Dramatization of scenes), social studies (Map skills), math (Conversions), and art (Clay models)
  • Character list with 35+ characters, including the Enkidu (the wild man created to be a rival to Gilgamesh), Ishtar (the goddess of love and warfare) and Utnapishtim (the human granted immortality after surviving the Great Flood)
  • Printable sheets: Vocabulary Bank, Quote Bank, Reading Log, Quizzes and Essays, and a Final Exam
  • Teaching guides seven chapters in seven sections. Each section features: summary, character list, setting, vocabulary terms, discussion questions (sample answers contained in answer key), and a quiz with T/F questions and an essay question
  • Final exam with 25 multiple choice questions and two essay questions
  • Answer Keys:
    • For chapter discussion questions, with sample answers
    • For chapter quizzes, with sample essay question responses
    • For final exam, with sample five-paragraph essays



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