Writer's Guidelines

Most Wanted

We'd love to have complete teaching units for the following:

  • Maze Runner
  • Harry Potter
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Harriet the Spy
  • Here Be Monsters!
  • One Fat Summer
  • Trash

Our Needs

Go Teach It publishes original curriculum related to grades K-12 on the following subjects: civics, geography, history, language, literature, math, science and wellness.We prefer curriculum related to established works in print (e.g. literary classics).

We do not publish books, manuals, pre-school, college or technical lesson plans. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts; they will not be returned.

Our Authors

  • Have strong writing skills
  • Are competent in Microsoft Word (or equivalent)
  • Are well-versed in cross-competency education. Our goal is to use curriculum across multiple academic areas
  • Are creative and adept at seeing subjects on multiple levels
  • Can address a variety of learning styles and abilities

Writing Standards

  • Authors must be willing and able to take direction
  • All curriculum will be submitted according the format we provide
  • We expect the highest quality curriculum


Please contact us directly before submitting curriculum. Provide your name and telephone number, and someone will call you within a week. During the telephone interview, we would like to:

  • Learn more about your teaching experience
  • Determine your level of competency
  • Gauge your commitment level
  • Request a writing sample